15 Famous Landmarks in Jordan You Must See

If you’re planning a trip to the Middle East, Jordan is a country that should definitely be on your list. This beautiful country is home to some of the world’s most famous landmarks, including ancient cities, stunning natural wonders, and historic sites. From the ancient city of Petra to the Dead Sea, there’s so much to see and do in Jordan.


Petra is undoubtedly one of the most famous landmarks in Jordan, and for good reason. This ancient city is carved into the rock, and it’s home to some of the most impressive architectural feats of the ancient world. The Treasury, in particular, is a must-see, and you’ll be awestruck by its sheer size and intricate carvings. But Petra isn’t the only landmark you should visit in Jordan; there are plenty of other historic sites and natural wonders to explore. Whether you’re interested in history, architecture, or natural beauty, Jordan has something for everyone.

History and Culture of Jordan

Jordan is a country steeped in history and culture, with a rich heritage that dates back thousands of years. The country has been inhabited since prehistoric times, and has been home to a number of different civilizations over the centuries, including the Nabateans, Edomites, and Romans.

One of the most famous landmarks in Jordan is Petra, an ancient city that was carved into the rock by the Nabateans over 2,000 years ago. The city was an important center of trade and commerce in the ancient world, and its impressive architecture and engineering still amaze visitors today.

Another important site in Jordan is Jerash, a well-preserved Roman city that was once a thriving metropolis. The city is home to a number of impressive ruins, including the Oval Plaza, Hadrian’s Arch, and the Hippodrome. Visitors can explore the vast Roman ruins and marvel at the ancient engineering and architecture.

Jordan is also home to a number of other historic sites, including Ajloun Castle, an impressive fortress that was built in the 12th century, and Mount Nebo, a biblical site that is said to be the place where Moses saw the Promised Land.

The culture of Jordan is also rich and diverse, with influences from the Bedouin, Arab, and Ottoman cultures. Visitors can experience traditional Bedouin hospitality, sample delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, and explore the vibrant markets and souks that are found throughout the country.

Overall, Jordan is a fascinating destination that offers visitors a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Whether you are interested in ancient history, modern culture, or simply want to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery, Jordan has something for everyone.

Petra: The Rose City

When it comes to famous landmarks in Jordan, Petra is undoubtedly one of the most iconic. This ancient Nabatean city, also known as the Rose City, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that attracts millions of visitors each year.

To enter Petra, you must first walk through the Siq, a narrow canyon that stretches for over a kilometer. As you make your way through the Siq, you will catch your first glimpse of the Treasury, one of Petra’s most famous landmarks. This impressive structure is carved into the rock face and features intricate details that are sure to leave you in awe.

But the Treasury is just the beginning. As you continue your journey through Petra, you will come across a plethora of other remarkable sights. The Monastery, for example, is a massive structure that sits atop a hill and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape. The Royal Tombs, on the other hand, are a series of ornate tombs that were carved into the rock face and were once used to bury Nabatean royalty.

In addition to these famous landmarks, Petra is also home to a number of other impressive structures and ruins. The city itself was once a thriving trade center and is filled with evidence of its past glory. From the colonnaded street to the amphitheater, there is no shortage of fascinating sights to explore.

Overall, Petra is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Jordan. Its unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty make it one of the most remarkable places on earth.

Amman: The Capital City

As the capital city of Jordan, Amman is a bustling metropolis that offers visitors a glimpse into the country’s rich history and culture. There are plenty of things to see and do in Amman, from exploring ancient Roman ruins to taking a city tour to see the modern side of the city.

One of the must-see landmarks in Amman is the Temple of Hercules, which is located on top of the Amman Citadel. This ancient temple dates back to the 2nd century AD and is one of the most well-preserved Roman ruins in the city. It is also home to the famous hand of Hercules statue, which is said to bring good luck to those who touch it.

Another popular attraction in Amman is the Roman Theater, which is one of the largest and best-preserved Roman theaters in the world. This impressive amphitheater was built in the 2nd century AD and could seat up to 6,000 people. Today, visitors can take a guided tour of the theater and learn about its fascinating history.

If you’re interested in seeing more of the city, there are plenty of city tours available that will take you to all the top landmarks and attractions. These tours are a great way to see the city in a short amount of time and learn about its rich history and culture.

Overall, Amman is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Jordan. With its ancient Roman ruins, impressive theaters, and modern city tours, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this vibrant and bustling city.

The Ancient City of Jerash

If you’re interested in ancient history, you must visit the ancient city of Jerash in Jordan. Jerash is a well-preserved Roman city that dates back to the Greco-Roman period. It is one of the most visited attractions in Jordan and is famous for its impressive ruins.

The city of Jerash boasts of several landmarks that you must see. One of the most prominent landmarks is the Hippodrome, which is an ancient stadium that could seat around 15,000 spectators. The Hippodrome was used for chariot races and other sporting events.

Another must-see landmark in Jerash is the Colonnaded Street, which is a long street that is flanked by columns. The Colonnaded Street is one of the most impressive streets in the ancient world and is a testament to the city’s architectural prowess.

The Forum is another landmark that you must visit in Jerash. The Forum was the center of the city’s public life and was where political and social events were held. The Forum is surrounded by a colonnade and has several impressive structures, including a temple, a fountain, and a nymphaeum.

Finally, no visit to Jerash is complete without exploring the Jerash Ruins. The Jerash Ruins are an extensive collection of ruins that include temples, theaters, and other structures. The ruins are well-preserved and give you a glimpse into the city’s past.

Overall, the ancient city of Jerash is a must-visit destination in Jordan. Its impressive landmarks and well-preserved ruins will transport you back in time and give you a glimpse into the city’s rich history.

Marvels of Madaba


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Madaba is a city in Jordan known for its rich history and ancient ruins. It is home to some of the most famous landmarks in Jordan that you must see. Here are some of the must-visit attractions in Madaba:

Church of St. George

The Church of St. George is a famous landmark in Madaba that dates back to the 19th century. It is known for its beautiful Byzantine-era mosaics, including the famous Madaba Map. The Madaba Map is a mosaic map of the Holy Land that is believed to be the oldest surviving map of the region. It depicts Jerusalem and other biblical sites in great detail and is a must-see for anyone interested in history and archaeology.

Madaba Map

The Madaba Map is one of the most famous landmarks in Jordan and is located in the Church of St. George in Madaba. It is a mosaic map of the Holy Land that dates back to the 6th century and is considered to be the oldest surviving map of the region. The map depicts Jerusalem and other biblical sites in great detail and is a must-see for anyone interested in history and archaeology.

Other attractions

Apart from the Church of St. George and the Madaba Map, there are several other attractions in Madaba that are worth visiting. These include the Madaba Archaeological Park, which is home to several ancient ruins and mosaics, and the St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church, which is known for its beautiful architecture and artwork.

In conclusion, Madaba is a city in Jordan that is home to some of the most famous landmarks in the country. From the Church of St. George and the Madaba Map to the Madaba Archaeological Park and the St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church, there is no shortage of attractions to see and explore in this historic city.

The Mystique of Mount Nebo


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If you’re on a pilgrimage to Jordan, you cannot miss visiting Mount Nebo. This biblical site is believed to be the place where Moses saw the Holy Land for the first time before he died. It is also the place where he was buried, according to the Bible.

Mount Nebo is located about 10 km west of the city of Madaba, and it offers a stunning panoramic view of the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and the Holy Land. You can see the Sea of Galilee on a clear day. It is no wonder that this site has been revered for centuries by Christians and Jews alike.

The main attraction of Mount Nebo is the Moses Memorial Church, which was built in the 4th century AD to commemorate the life of Moses. The church has beautiful mosaics that depict scenes from the Old and New Testaments. The most famous of these mosaics is the one that shows a map of the Holy Land with the cities and towns labeled in Greek.

Apart from the church, there are other interesting things to see on Mount Nebo. There is a small museum that showcases the history of the site, and there are also some ruins of a Byzantine monastery.

If you are interested in history, religion, or just want to soak in the stunning views, a visit to Mount Nebo is a must. It is a peaceful and serene place that will leave you feeling inspired and awed.

Adventures in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is a breathtaking desert landscape in Jordan that offers a range of adventurous activities for travelers. The area is known for its red sand dunes, towering rock formations, and unique geological features. It is also famous for being the location where the movie “Lawrence of Arabia” was filmed.

If you love hiking, then Wadi Rum is the perfect place for you. There are several hiking trails that lead through the desert landscape, offering stunning views of the surrounding area. You can hike to the top of one of the many rock formations and enjoy a panoramic view of the desert below.

For those who love adventure, there are plenty of options to choose from in Wadi Rum. You can take a 4×4 tour of the desert, ride a camel through the sand dunes, or even try your hand at rock climbing. The area is also known for its excellent stargazing opportunities, so be sure to spend a night camping in the desert.

If you want to experience the desert in a unique way, try glamping in Wadi Rum. There are several luxury campsites that offer comfortable accommodations in the heart of the desert. You can enjoy a traditional Bedouin dinner, relax by a campfire, and sleep under the stars.

In summary, Wadi Rum is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Jordan. With its stunning desert landscape, hiking trails, and adventurous activities, there is something for everyone. Whether you want to explore the area on foot, by camel, or in a 4×4, Wadi Rum is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories.

The Dead Sea Experience

If you are planning a trip to Jordan, the Dead Sea is a must-visit destination. It is the lowest point on the Earth’s surface and one of the most unique natural wonders in the world. The high salt concentration in the water makes it impossible to sink, allowing you to effortlessly float on the surface.

The mineral-rich water is believed to have healing properties that can benefit your skin and overall health. You can take a dip in the Dead Sea and feel the rejuvenating effects of the water. The high salt concentration can also be felt on your skin, leaving it feeling smooth and silky.

There are several beaches along the Dead Sea where you can swim and relax. Some of the popular beaches include the Amman Beach, the Dead Sea Spa Hotel Beach, and the O Beach. These beaches offer a range of facilities such as showers, changing rooms, and restaurants.

In addition to swimming, there are several other activities you can enjoy at the Dead Sea. You can cover yourself in the mineral-rich mud and let it dry on your skin before washing it off. The mud is believed to have therapeutic properties and can help with skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Overall, the Dead Sea experience is a must-try when visiting Jordan. The unique combination of high salt concentration and mineral-rich water makes it a one-of-a-kind destination that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Ajloun’s Historic Charm

If you’re interested in history, Ajloun is a must-visit destination in Jordan. The town of Ajloun is most famous for its stunning Ajloun Castle, which was built in the 12th century and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area. You can explore the castle’s many rooms and learn about the fascinating history of the region.

In addition to the castle, Ajloun has several historic walking areas that are worth exploring. You can wander through the town’s quiet streets and admire the traditional architecture of the houses and buildings. The Great Mosque is a particularly impressive example of the town’s rich history, and its minaret is a stunning sight to behold.

One of the best things about Ajloun is that it’s not as crowded as some of the other popular tourist destinations in Jordan. You can take your time exploring the castle and the town without feeling rushed or overwhelmed by crowds of other tourists.

Overall, Ajloun’s historic charm is a must-see for anyone interested in Jordan’s rich history and culture. Whether you’re exploring the castle or wandering through the town’s quiet streets, you’re sure to be captivated by the beauty and history of this fascinating destination.

Aqaba and the Red Sea

If you’re looking for a beach getaway with a side of history, Aqaba is the perfect destination. Located on the Red Sea, this city is home to some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world.

You can explore the underwater world by snorkeling or scuba diving. The Red Sea is known for its clear waters, which make it easy to see the vibrant sea life and colorful coral reefs. Some of the best spots for diving include the Japanese Garden, the Power Station, and the Cedar Pride wreck.

If you prefer to stay above water, you can still enjoy the Red Sea by taking a glass-bottom boat tour. These tours allow you to see the coral reefs and sea life without getting wet.

In addition to its natural beauty, Aqaba also has a rich history. The city has been inhabited since ancient times and was an important port for trade and travel. Today, you can visit the Aqaba Fort, which was built by the Mamluks in the 14th century, and the Aqaba Archaeological Museum, which showcases artifacts from the city’s past.

Overall, Aqaba and the Red Sea offer a unique combination of natural beauty and history. Whether you’re a beach lover or a history buff, there’s something for everyone in this coastal city.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the historical places to visit in Amman?

Amman, the capital city of Jordan, is home to several historical landmarks that are worth visiting. The most famous of these is the Amman Citadel, also known as Jabal al-Qal’a, which dates back to the Bronze Age. Another popular historical site is the Roman Theatre, which was built during the 2nd century AD and is still used for cultural events today. Other notable places to visit include the Umayyad Palace, the Temple of Hercules, and the Jordan Archaeological Museum.

What is the most famous monument in Jordan?

Petra, the ancient city carved out of rock, is undoubtedly the most famous monument in Jordan. It is also one of the Seven Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Treasury, which is the most iconic structure in Petra, is a must-see for anyone visiting Jordan.

What are some interesting facts about Jordan’s culture?

Jordan’s culture is a unique blend of ancient traditions and modern influences. Hospitality is highly valued in Jordanian culture, and visitors are often welcomed with open arms. Arabic is the official language of Jordan, and Islam is the predominant religion. Jordan is also known for its delicious cuisine, which includes dishes like mansaf (a traditional lamb dish) and falafel (deep-fried chickpea balls).

Is Jordan a safe country to visit?

Jordan is considered a safe country to visit for tourists. The country has a low crime rate, and the government takes measures to ensure the safety of visitors. However, it is always important to take precautions when traveling, such as avoiding large crowds and being aware of your surroundings.

What are the most famous tourist attractions in Jordan?

Apart from Petra, there are several other famous tourist attractions in Jordan. The Dead Sea, which is the lowest point on earth, is a popular destination for its therapeutic properties. Wadi Rum, a desert valley known for its stunning red sandstone formations, is also a must-visit. Other popular attractions include the Jerash Roman Ruins, the Ajloun Castle, and the Dana Biosphere Reserve.

What are some of the famous historical sites to see in Jordan?

Jordan is home to several famous historical sites, including the ancient city of Jerash, which was once a thriving Roman city. The Madaba Mosaic Map, which is the oldest known map of the Holy Land, is also a popular attraction. Other notable historical sites include the Crusader Castle of Karak, the Umm Qais ruins, and the Al-Maghtas baptism site.

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